Our Story (Chris + Tina)

12 years ago we met while working at Ikea in Toronto, Ontario. Through a solid friendship we were able to grow into a loving marriage and watch our family grow with the addition of Gemma, our Chinese Sharpei. We got married in November 2010 and we couldn't get enough of editing our own wedding photos and videos. From an early age we started doing our own personal projects, from a wide variety of events. Since getting married, we love capturing our special moments together and sharing them with family and friends. 

I have been passionate about videography since I fell on my father's first camera. My love for photography comes from my grandfather, a skilled shutterbug from the film age. Tina became my partner, comrade and consort. She also happens to be an incredibly talented Visual Artist who studied at the University of Toronto. The best day of Tina's life was when I bought her a DSLR camera of her own. The five of us have been inseparable ever since! (Chris + Tina + Camera + Camera + Gemma, that is.)

We would love to connect with you and learn more about why you click as a couple. We take time to personally get to know our clients, which allows us to capture wedding photography and videography in the best way possible. 

At Picture Pro Studios, we capture the uniqueness of each wedding. Men and women see things differently and create different energy within images and movement. Because we are a husband & wife team, we can leverage our unique perspectives to create a dazzling body of work. 

Our philosophy is to capture each moment of your wedding, engagement or lifestyle, while reflecting your individuality. Wedding photography and cinematography are our passions and we want to tell your story so you can keep smiling long into the future.